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Register Your Interest For
Final HEA Fellowship Intake For 2018

Thinking about applying for an HEA Fellowship in 2018? Register your interest at an upcoming HEA information session.

/ 26 April, 2018
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Let’s Talk…. About Contract Cheating

What is it, how can you tell if an assignment has been written by one of these services and what can be done to combat it?

/ 24 April, 2018
Susan Vickery

A Day In The Life Of Susan Vickery,
Associate University Librarian

Get to know Susan Vickery, Associate University Librarian - how she loves connecting, her hugely diverse workload and how she likes to wind down.

/ 19 April, 2018
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What Is The Best Way To Allocate Groups?

Is random allocation or allowing students to pick their own groups best? Or do you use a different method? It's important to understand, and make clear to students, what you are actually trying to achieve with groupwork.

/ 19 April, 2018
Nicole Saunders and Kira Westaway

The Hum, Humans of Macquarie

Strolling around campus we bumped into Nicole Saunders and Kira Westaway and chatted about passionate students, the buzz around MAZE, using props in teaching and how the 'doing' always leads to deeper learning.

/ 12 April, 2018
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What the Flipped is Team Based Learning? TBL is an active teaching and learning method which puts its own spin on the 'flipped classroom' approach.

/ 12 April, 2018
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Academic Integrity Workshops

With the launch of the new Academic Integrity Policy, each faculty is running workshops introducing the policy and its application.

/ 11 April, 2018
Green Screen Recording in LIH Studio - Photo by Mike Catabay for LIH

Polished and Professional –
Make Use Of MQ’s Recording Studios

Take a 360° tour of 3 purpose built recording studios and spaces to help create educational media, desktop capture recordings and more.

/ 11 April, 2018
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Punk Rock Inspired Teaching Philosophy

MUIC is currently planning a curriculum redesign project and the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) are supporting them in this process. We asked MUIC staff to write their individual teaching philosophies. I invited Dr Can Yalcinkaya, Diploma Senior Teacher, to share...

/ 5 April, 2018