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FoHS Curriculum Architecture Update (March 2019)

A great many things have been happening on the Curriculum Architecture front - here is the latest...

/ 14 March, 2019
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Grading forum posts in iLearn

A guide to marking iLearn forum posts, and points to consider before you implement it.

/ 5 March, 2019

FoHS 2019 L&T Priorities, Plans and Projects

2018 was an exceptionally productive year for the Faculty dominated by the Curriculum Architecture Project. The Faculty Learning and Teaching team would like to thank everyone for their efforts throughout 2018. With January now over, it is time to commit...

/ 7 February, 2019
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FOHS Session 1 Essentials

Your guide to preparing for Session 1 with iTeach, Unit Guides and iLearn.

/ 21 January, 2019

Loy Lising awarded Advance HE Fellowship

Loy tells us why she recommends that others apply for an Advance HE Fellowship.

/ 31 October, 2018
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NEW: Minimum standards for FOHS iLearn units

FOHS introduces a set of minimum standards for iLearn units.

/ 30 October, 2018

Academic integrity: Notes for sale in iLearn

What to do if you spot unit notes advertised for sale via iLearn.

/ 30 October, 2018
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iLearn FAQs: Displaying letter grades to students in Gradebook

A step-by-step guide to set up iLearn Gradebook to display letter grades to students.

/ 16 October, 2018
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Another Session of LEU Excellence

FoHS teaching rated highly on in the LEU student feedback!

/ 3 October, 2018