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Marks Are A Phony Currency

Last Wednesday, the Learning Collective attended a workshop by Chris Rust, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education at Oxford Brookes University, on REDESIGNING COURSE ASSESSMENT-A PROGRAM LEADER'S GUIDE.

/ 13 July, 2017

What Is The Curriculum Anyway?

A new podcast about learning and teaching in higher education.

/ 13 July, 2017
Student studies at desk with computer and books

Engaging Students in Lectures With ALP (it’s more than live streaming)

You've heard about the live streaming pilot, right?  Active Learning Platform? Yeah, know all about it.  Well, I'm here to show you there's so much more, road tested by your colleagues in the faculty!

/ 29 June, 2017

iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

Sorting and arranging student names, IDs and marks into the format the iLearn Gradebook needs from the chaos I receive is just so time-consuming and frustrating. Importing marks drives me bonkers. Surely there's a way that iLearn can do most...

/ 2 June, 2017

Peer Review of Teaching – Update

Agnes Bosanquet provides an update on Peer Review of Teaching and some of the ideas and issues that Macquarie's community will need to consider. She is currently leading the Peer Review of Teaching initiative at the Faculty of Human Sciences.

/ 31 May, 2017

iLearn. Sigh. #justaskbev

I want to be able to create a range of groups and apply them to multiple activities and assessments. Can you help me figure it out?

/ 4 May, 2017

Top 5 Facts About the Live Stream Lectures Pilot in Psychology

Everything you need to know about the Live Stream lectures pilot in less than 3 minutes.

/ 8 March, 2017

#3 Minute Paper Challenge

It’s difficult to find time to read the scholarly literature on higher education learning and teaching – but there is valuable research out there. Three minutes of reading? That can be done!

/ 20 October, 2016