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Assessment policy brief: timely provision of criteria and feedback

Early provision of assessment criteria and timely feedback helps student learning.

/ 15 June, 2021
2 hour limit

Assessment policy brief: changes to group assessment weighting in a unit

Policy changes include a shift from applying weighting limits on group marking from the task level to the unit level

/ 19 May, 2021

Changes to the Assessment Policy starting 1 July 2021

A shiny new assessment policy was launched on 1 July 2021. A number of policies were merged to a new assessment policy and the accompanying procedures. The new policy applies to assessments offered in Session 2 2021 and beyond. Some...

/ 26 April, 2021

Assessment Policy under review: Have your say!

The Assessment Policy is one of the key Learning & Teaching policies. As part of the regular policy review cycle, the Policy is due for review this year. The Senate Learning & Teaching Committee (SLTC) is responsible for this Policy...

/ 23 July, 2020