Sponsored by the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) and Workplace Diversity and Inclusion. This half-day forum, scheduled on Thursday 10 February 2022, is open to all Macquarie staff who teach and want to create a meaningful learning experience for all their students.

A new interactive module to support staff in inclusive teaching, will be launched at the Inclusive Teaching Forum. Associate Professor Agnes Bosanquet, Director, Learning and Teaching Staff Development says:

I am excited and looking forward to launching this practical evidence-based guide to inclusive teaching that is accessible, engaging and empowering for learners. Packed with examples, it explores the perspectives of Macquarie students, showcases the practice and values of Macquarie teachers, guides participants through scholarly literature and identifies the services and support available at Macquarie.

Macquarie staff will aim to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum and their teaching practice. The table below provides an overview of the speakers and topics that will be presented:

Keynote SpeakersPresentation Topic
Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal
Macquarie Business School
Teaching beyond privilege
Dr Jac Den Houting
Macquarie School of Education
Neurodiversity: What does it really mean?
Amy Thunig
Macquarie School of Education
Disruption in Higher Education
SpeakersPresentation Topic
Dr Raymond Trau
Macquarie Business School
Inclusive Language in the Classroom
Professor Catherine Dean
Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences
Narrative pedagogy: using storytelling to promote inclusive practice
Associate Professor Kathleen Tait
Dr Sue Silveira
Macquarie School of Education
Developing an inclusive learning environment for students with visual impairement
David Chapman
Hannah Vogel
Professor Ray Laurence
Faculty of Arts
Changing History: Perspectives on Accessibility and Disability
Associate Professor Albert Atkin
Faculty of Arts
“Won’t somebody think of the standards!” – Inclusive Assessment and why we need it
Dr Noushin Nasiri
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Engineers: re-defining the stereotype
Dr Prashan S M Karunaratne
Macquarie Business School
A Colourful Tomorrow in Every Sphere of Life

Planned as a ‘hybrid event’, availability to attend face-to-face is limited, but staff can register to participate online.

Don’t miss out on being part of this forum where you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your ideas, network with your colleagues, and build your capabilities to teach in an inclusive way, that supports our diverse student community.

For more information on the forum, check the event page or contact Asimo Krizan: ltoperations@mq.edu.au

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